A flow of deep energy given by the synergistic combination of various 
massages rooted in ancient local knowledge. Different traditional techniques of relief are used in this experience of rare intensity to reduce muscle tension and improve the posture, with a selection of four massages with a typical Puglian touch.


Inspired by our land and dedicated to the local healers of the past. This medium intensity massage will inspire total relaxation due to the use of lavender oil, warm towels and “magic formulas”.
50 min


Rhythmic or relaxing. Evocative or energizing. This massage is personalized according to individual needs and performed by male therapists only, after an initial session used to understand the messages of the body.
80 min


A technique inspired by ancient rituals of relief, which uses hot towels combined with a massage to soothe muscular pain and relax your back or legs.
50 min


Traditional practice of exfoliation through natural processes that smoothes the skin and reactivates the spirit.
50 min


A deep and intense massage to realign the body. Performed using natural oils, it combines various techniques with alternating fast-slow movements and medium-strong pressures.
50 min

4-day program  660


IMAGINE APPOST: Fell yourself surronded by the green colour, feel the silence of emptiness.