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Aroma lab

Aroma lab

A perfume has the power to touch the chords of mind and heart, allowing us to discover our deepest self.
Important scientific research has underlined substantial synergies between the olfactory system and the neurophysiological effects that essences arouse in human beings.
The sense of smell has the power to evoke distinct memories of our childhood and evoke emotions. Based on these studies, Dr. Luca Fortuna, an international expert in Aromatherapy, created in collaboration with Vair specific protocols, which use essential oils as a sensorial key to interpreting the hidden peculiarities of each individual.
The aim of this fascinating experience is precisely to increase the quantity and quality of positive emotions and to maximise the state of happiness. To do this, a group of experts creates and guides everyone through highly personalised experiences to help achieve a profound sense of wellbeing.
Olfactory Test: Aromatic introduction to happiness

The sense of smell hides meanings which need to be discovered.
Smelling an essence with closed eyes can in fact lead to revealing hidden talents and potential. The emotions aroused by the different essences will be the sensory key to interpreting individual needs, identifying the state of happiness and creating personalised Spa experiences.

80 €
Olfactory Test: Aromatic experience of happiness

A profound experience that leads to the roots of your own happiness, revealing new talents and hidden potentialities, in an unexpectedly simple and engaging way.
A sensory olfactory experience to discover the power of perfumes, explore your desires and give voice to emotions and feelings. Just close your eyes, smell eight different mixes of essential oils and connect with your deepest self.

100 €