A perfume has the power to touch the chords of the mind and heart, allowing us to discover our deepest self. Vair uses aromatherapy as a sensorial key to interpret the hidden peculiarities of each individual and create highly personalized spa programs.

ADDUR (odour) – Sensory olfactory experience
Hidden within each perfume is an entire journey where mind, body and soul converge. A profound, introspective experience that leads to the roots of your happiness, revealing new talents and hidden sides of yourself in an unexpectedly simple, gentle way.

The olfactory experience Addur was created by the aromatherapist Luca Fortuna exclusively for Borgo Egnazia and is dedicated to the discovery of the power of perfumes. It allows you to explore your desires and give voice to emotions and feelings, in a dialogue with the deepest part of yourself.

Close your eyes, take a breath and connect with yourself so you can reflect on where you are and where you want to go, opening yourself to your instinct and imagination.

Aromatherapy is the starting point to define an accurate personalized program with the most suitable treatments for each person and aimed at reaching a higher state of energy and renewed happiness.

60 min/€ 180

SAPUR (flavor)
The key of all our wellness programs is personalization. That is why Vair suggests having an interesting meeting with our nutritionist to provide valuable food advice inspired by the traditional Mediterranean diet in a calibrated balance between taste and health. The aim is to propose a healthy
diet based on genuine local ingredients, prepared according to wholesome cooking methods. It combines the nutritive elements in order to enhance the flavor of each course in full respect of the correct nutritional values.

60 min/150 €