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Taking care of your appearance is an art.


Taking care of your appearance is an art. From the love of your hands to haircare, a selection of treatments and artisan experiences with a typical Puglian touch, using local beauty techniques and natural products from the territory.
Nail lab - artisan manicure and pedicure

A sociable living room where you can indulge in cocoons and chats, while enjoying Puglian-style manicures and pedicures. A team of beauty artisans takes care of your hands and feet as in times gone by, or with a few natural elements grown on the territory. Beautiful and relaxing experiences such as an olive oil massage, a salt scrub, a lemon wash and a fig milk pack. All without the use of water. We use exclusively Made in Italy products, cruelty-free, which do not contain harmful elements in their formula and are not tested on animals, to guarantee only the highest quality.
Haircare and make - up

Taking care of your image has multiple benefits that are reflected on the whole person and not just on the appearance. For a special evening, for an unforgettable event to share with friends or just to look at yourself differently, our beauty treatments are custom-made and use only the best Italian make-up and hair care brands.

Traditional epilation technique or without cotton strips but based on resins and wax. This method prevents the product from sticking to the skin and therefore from creating any kind of irritation.
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