ANNASKÈ (smell)

The sense of smell hides meanings which need to be discovered. Strong purification coupled with the power of pure essential oils in a journey of aromas a living to a peaceful relaxation. Two hours of treatment dedicated to the whole body and divided into three phases, each characterized by a different touch: salt scrubs which smooth, soft mud wraps which purify and a final massage using scented essential oils which relax.
110 min/ 300

FACIDD (lapillus)

All the pure energy of a volcano enclosed in a natural thermal scrub combined with a volcanic mud wrap. A purifying detox treatment that drains and energizes and acts on the whole body or on specific areas according to individual needs.
Indicated to soothe muscle tension and to lead to complete body relaxation.
70 min/ 195

FENODD (pretty)

About two hours in the hands of the experts of the body masks. An intense and highly effective remodelling treatment combined with a profound massage enriched by a synergy of essential oils. The feeling is that of a physical liberation by soothing the muscles. It helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluids, improving the smoothness of the skin.
110 min/ 255


A warm caress followed by a glacial embrace. This is pure hydrotherapy inspired by the Kneipp method set in the intimate atmosphere of the Spa Suite. A poetic path of steam baths, cold packs, lemon and fresh herb-based hot baths, and purifying cold water jet rinsings. A hydrotherapy of rare depth and strong sensations.
110 min/ 300