MASCIOR (masciara)

Inspired by our land and by the ancient wisdom rooted in it, this massage of medium intensity is dedicated to the ancient Puglian figure of the “masciara”, a local healer who was able to soothe minor illnesses. It begins with a whispered “magic formula”, keeping your eyes closed, and goes on using heated stones, warm towels and lavender oil in order to inspire your complete relaxation.
50 min/€ 140 – 80 min/€ 195

SKANGRE (hinges)

Ideal for sportsmen and golfers. By using hot rolled towels strategically placed, it will help release all the tension in your back or legs. This technique is based on ancient rituals used to relieve muscular pain, and is combined with a massage performed by the expert hands of a therapist.
50 min/ 135

U BERAFATT (beautiful)

Vigorous. Energetic. Intense. A massage that aims to realign the entire body structure by stimulating a complete relaxation. It combines different stretching techniques and deep movements, various degrees of pressure applied to specific areas, softened and blended with natural olive oil.
50 min/ 140 – 80 min/ 195

RIT I CUST (back)

All the strength of olive trees enclosed in a relaxing massage which aims to loosen up back muscles. It is ideal for soothing the accumulated tension and for relaxing back and neck muscles.
50 min/ 125

STREKKÈ (squeeze)

Rhythmic or relaxing. Evocative or energizing. Personalized massage based on the particular needs expressed by the body, that can be carried out with different techniques by specialized therapists: from sporting contractures that require intense manual skills and lengthening, to the more relaxing Swedish technique, from the intensity of myofascial to the lightness of the Ortho-bionomy. Its characteristic is to be performed exclusively by the Vair’s specialized male therapists.
50 min/ 165 – 80 min/ 195

APPIC (turn on)

Unique as the prickly pear, a typical fruit of this region. Modeling and stimulating massage, energizing and dynamic, more specific on the areas such as legs, core and glutes. An intense revitalization of the body thanks to the properties of prickly pear oil.
50 min/ 125

AVASTE (stop)

Purified with fire. Nothing sounds more fascinating than this detox technique of ancient origins. Glass spheres heated by fire and placed on the body, with the strong purifying purpose of unleashing tension. Ideal for those who want to feel lighter and better by eliminating toxins.
50 min/ 125