ABBEL BEL (slowly)

An invitation to breathe peacefully, synchronizing on a slow, calm pace, without haste, a bit like the Puglian lifestyle. A sentimental treatment that is a combination of pure scents made from both fresh aromatic herbs just harvested in our garden and rare natural products, which alone have the power to transport the soul to a graceful, relaxing dimension. Lavender and rosemary, apricot and cherry oil are just some of the inspiring perfumes that will accompany you on this journey.
50 min/ 125 – 70 min/ 175

BEDDA (beautiful)

Beauty comes from within and it translates into a radiant and resplendent face filled with renewed unconditional happiness. Cosmetics which are carefully chosen and in line with Vair’s philosophy, are lovingly applied with experience, thus donating new elasticity and brightness to your skin. Suitable for all skin types.
50 min/ 165 – 70 min/ 195

U STESS (the usual)

A clean and refreshed face reveals what you are inside. A deep cleansing with a vintage touch to brighten up your skin using energetic and lively rhythms with the unconventional application of oils, butters and mud masks. It restores vitality and tones-up your facial expression.
70 min/ 195

FACC’ A FACC’ (face to face)

A session with Dora, our expert in facial treatments, and together you will decide on a personalized facial that will enhance your health and beauty. Precious advice on how to make your skin look more radiant and a personalized treatment for each guest.
50 min/ 195 – 80 min/ 220

MBATSCH (in the face)

Personalized mini facial treatment, complementary experience to combine with another treatment or a body massage.
30 min/ 55