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Experiences for Families

Experiences for Families

Caresses. Light touch. Cocooning. Very gentle massages and delicate washes dedicated to children and their parents. Ideal for reinfarcing the band and intimate relationship between mathers,fathers and children.

Figghie (Children) - Massages for kids until 4 years old 25 min. | € 80

Mums or dads are guided through this sweet massage that they will perform on their baby. This metamorphic massage technique reminds the child of the mother's womb.
Storiell (Story) - Experiential story for kids 5-1O years 25 min. | € 80

A surprising journey with a succession of surprises accompanied by a wonderful story and an olfactory and chromatic journey that the child can choose according to their tastes. Finally, the moisturising and relaxing massage is carried out by the mother or father, or by the therapist according to the kid's age.
Cor a Cor (Heart to heart) - Massage with a parent and son/daughter 8-16 years 50 min. | € 280

A pampering experience to share with your son/daughter, inspired by the most profound form of love. Warm floral scents and a massage as sweet as an embrace, accompanied by a perfect synergy of natural oils and delightful fragrances.