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Happiness at Vair and Borgo Egnazia

Happiness at Vair and Borgo Egnazia

Surrounded by the true beauty of the Puglian landscape, Vair spa and Borgo Egnazia designs experiences to let guests find their personal path for a renewed happiness through a pervasive wellbeing approach./br>
An extraordinary team of talented therapists-artists, musicians and local dancers is ready to guide you through poetic experiences, following the teachings of the "Science of Happiness", and creating unique programs according to individual desires and needs. Everything is calibrated to cuddle, soften, and soothe with treatments inspired by the ancient and authentic land of Puglia, the pure beauty of its olive trees and the clean power of the sea breeze. /br>
The brand-new “Happiness Break” is a fantastic example of this wellbeing approach: it is a regenerating personal journey aimed at a joyful vision of life, ideal for those who want to break free from a stressful everyday routine and reconnect with their own happiness. Discover more >

In this framework, the concept of fitness evolves with a new training project based on conviviality: classes will be preferably held in groups to share with others the joy and positive feelings of open-air activities followed by highly qualified professional personal trainers. The main goal is to support the body in the production and contagious diffusion of happiness hormones and neurotransmitters such as: endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine to develop a healthy balance between body and mind to boost your experience.

Fun is also a key element to reduce stress and release oxytocin. That’s why Vair has a new selection of experiences based on the importance of laughter. For the first time guests will have the opportunity to enjoy sessions with the “Maestro della Risata”, a kind of “Laughter Teacher”. Inspired by the traditional roots of popular music, the history of “Pizzica” and “Taranta”, this master (that actually is an actor, musician and dancer too) applies the science-based theories of laughter promoting its benefits for the health of body and mind through theatre, dance and music classes.

Then, there is nutrition, essential part of the Mediterrean lifestyle that has always been considered one of the healthiest ones in the world. All Borgo Egnazia restaurants and bars, including the brand-new Spa food bistrò, offer experiences far from a restrictive and low calories approach, and all the menus feature an unexpected and delicious blend between taste and wellbeing. Furthermore, nutrition is customized following the Science of Happiness based on conviviality (to facilitate digestion and reduce stress), satisfaction and taste, genuineness (low-processed and healthy food). That also means a focus on sweetness (carbohydrates and stimulants to activate norepinephrine), healthiness (antioxidant, alkalizing and anti-inflammatory food), pro digestive system (favoring the health and microbiota of the gut) and stimulating circadian rhythm (hormonal balance between day and night).