Borgo Egnazia


Happiness like Nowhere Else

The pursuit of happiness at Borgo Egnazia.

Welcome to Vair.
This is the start of a joyful journey in search of a renewed happiness.

Vair means “True” in Puglian dialect and founds its core essence on the pursuit of happiness.

An extraordinary team of therapists-artists, musicians and local dancers will guide you in poetic experiences based on the principles of the “Science of Happiness” and will create personalised paths according to your speci c desires and needs.

Here everything is calibrated to cradle, cocoon, soften and soothe with unique treatments inspired by this ancient land, by its sacred and profane rituals, by the sheer beauty of its olive trees and by the clean power of the sea breeze.

A wonderful journey to re-establish your internal compass and reconnect with your own happiness.
Blue Zones
The pursuit of happiness at Vair and Borgo Egnazia