Alternative forms of physical exercise strongly grounded in the Puglian territory. Different kinds of outdoor training set in a combination of coast and countryside landscapes. Plus a variety of vibrant experiences of liberating activities inspired by the ancient traditional dances from this region.

A STRIGNUL (giggles) 

Starting from the roots of popular music, passing through the history of the pizzica and the myth of the “taranta”, this joyful lesson with Giuseppe, our charismatic actor, musician and dancer, follows the ritual steps of these local dances leading to the expression and liberation of the body. Through emotional vocalizations and dancing duels to the rhythm of tambourines, you learn to discover the vibrant and vital side of yourself and others.
90 min/€ 220 private or couple lesson – € 55 class (minimum 4 people)

NU SUUN VAIR (a true sound) 

Music therapy. Originality. Instinct. Without speaking, you can reach unexpected feelings of relaxation and sharing. A sophisticated lesson of instinctive liberation with Giovanni, in which you learn musical improvisation, find your sound with others and encourage pure spontaneity and inner harmony. No words. Just sounds and music.
90 min/€ 220 private or couple lesson – € 55 class (minimum 4 people)

MUVT (move) 

Finding your ideal physical form through alternative types of physical activities. Personalized training session, either individually or in a group, that bring a sense of freedom and fun to fitness. A personal trainer will guide everyone either in light or intensive workouts immersed in the sheer beauty of the Puglian countryside. Movement and enjoyment in contact with nature, kissed by the sun and wind.
60 min/€ 85 private lesson – € 25 class (minimum 4 people)


In harmony with yourself. A lesson in the reserved Iyengar studio of Vair dedicated to lovers of the discipline and to those who need to detox from the stress of everyday life. Yoga teachers who have been certified according to the original teachings of Master Iyengar will guide you through an intense and regenerating session. An extraordinary realignment of both the body and the mind in order to reach a higher state of being.
90 min/€ 190 private lesson – € 50 class (minimum 4 people)