A program aimed at aesthetics and relaxation, appearance and harmony  to be experienced as amazing moments of beauty and wellbeing.  Purifying water combined with synergies of essential oils and deep  cleansing mud, a path to be enjoyed step by step.


An intense and effective remodelling treatment enhanced by a synergy of essential oils. It is based on the combination of a body mask and a complete massage that helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluids, improving the smoothness of the skin.
110 min


Natural thermal scrub combined with a volcanic mud wrap.
It can have a draining or energizing effect, ideal to unravel muscle tension.
70 min


Modeling and energizing massage, particularly effective on legs, abdomen and glutes. An intense revitalization of the body thanks to the properties of prickly pear oil.
50 min


Beauty comes from within. Cosmetics, in line with Vair’s philosophy, are lovingly applied in order to donate new elasticity and vitality to your skin.
50 min


Puglian style manicures and pedicures using an olive oil massage, Mediterranean sea salt scrub, lemon wash, fig milk wrap.
50 min

3-day program  790

IMAGINE NU SPLENDOR: Visualise a citrus grove, with ripe tangerines and lemons, a lukewarm feeling produced by the sun rays on your skin. Raise your chin, enjoy the light marine breeze and imagine a fading joyful music that comes from somewhere over there.