Borgo Egnazia



A new collaboration between Borgo Egnazia and the Doctor Sara Farnetti:
the "Precision Medicine and Functional Nutrition" project


Borgo Egnazia's approach to wellbeing is closely connected to the idea of happiness: an idea rooted in every aspect of the life at Borgo, where it is possible to find new balances, healthy eating habits and a new concept of movement. Puglia is the perfect match: a varied territory, ideal for physical activity while enjoying incredible views, a land with unique raw materials that allows correct nutrition in a natural way.

Living well and for a long time, having a strong body, facing the years in good psycho-physical conditions is a common dream, it requires a real preventive, personalized and functional revolution, as well as healthy nutrition, to ensure a healthy longevity. Therefore, the new experience of wellbeing relying on an expert in the medical and health field, the Dr. Sara Farnetti, specialist in internal medicine, pathophysiology of metabolism and nutrition. A partnership that lead to a new idea, combining Borgo's deepest soul with a project of Precision Medicine and Functional Nutrition, combining “good” nutrition with nature and local experiences, to increase the individual happiness.

After this unprecedented time, there is a need for a real change, with the commitment of the hotels and the wellness world to focus on prevention, strengthening of the immune system and quality of life in favour of health. This leads to offer guests an opportunity to start new wellness programs. This research starts right from the food, finding the perfect match in Borgo Egnazia, a unique place where it is possible to live a gastronomic experience based on the Mediterranean tradition: a skilful balance between taste and health, using the delicious local ingredients and carefully selecting the raw materials.
The proper nutrition and the "right" food are the main allies to heal and preserve cellular youth. These ideas are not new for Borgo Egnazia, which has always treasured the Mediterranean culture of food in its gastronomic proposal and in its concept of "healthy eating". Doctor Farnetti believes in this as well, with her Precision Medicine and Functional Nutrition: restoring and enhancing the state of health, the energy of youth and achieving the perfect longevity. Functional Nutrition is a natural but innovative way to gain health by reversing aging processes in a personalized way.

The dynamic and individualized nutritional program suggested to guests offers a customized combination of dishes that creates the right synergy of nutrients. Starting from a medical history form online – which allows also to share any medical documentation – immediately after the arrival at the property, guests are guaranteed remote consultation to define high-level objectives of health, wellbeing and prevention. The development of a nutritional plan, adapted to the specific needs of the customer, allows guests to have a varied, functional and tasty meals, thanks to the several options offered by Borgo Egnazia. What is new is the possibility to continue the program once back home after the holidays. A nutritional program that matches the Puglian traditions in a natural way and enriches the wellbeing experiences of Borgo Egnazia.
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