U MOR (the sea)

A massage performed as if you were in the sea. Waving. Slowing. Relaxing. It takes place using the typical timing of this element, in waves, one never like another, but all synchronized on the same fluctuating rhythm. Only a few elements are used such as a salt candle and a light spray of sea water, accompanied by a lullaby played by Vair’s musicians. Everything will transform a room into a marvellous bay.
50 min/€ 140

NAGGHIR (oil expert)

Fluid and dense as the oil that is poured over the skin. This long massage which uses almond and caper oils has the nurturing property of involving the whole body in a velvety embrace that goes from your head to your toes. Ideal for discovering a new harmony and tuning-in with your body.
80 min/€ 195

LOMA KIAN (full moon)

Silence. Listening. Breath. A light touch with increasing intensity on the head is able to soothe mental stress and ease thoughts. The scent of caper oil and almond butter carries you into a graceful state of relaxation that reaches its climax with a foot massage.
50 min/€ 125

ARANGION (orange)

Orange is the color associated with enthusiasm, cheerfulness and lightness.
A massage dedicated to this color is a vibrant dance of hands on the body to the rhythm of the heartbeat. A hymn to vitality that wants to donate a sense of joy and spontaneous enthusiasm.
50 min/€ 150

BLE (blue)

Relaxation. Release. Peace. It is the massage inspired by the colour blue, which in colour therapy represents serenity, depth and tranquillity. The movements softly slow down. The calm and regular rhythm follows the one of human breathing.
50 min/€ 150


The sweet months of motherhood become even sweeter with this aromatic massage dedicated to future mothers. It’s able to infuse a relaxing, draining or energizing sensation through the use of essential oils of lavender, carrot or orange. All safe in pregnancy. An initial personalized session will suggest the most suitable scent for this wonderful moment of life.
50 min/€ 140