A ravishing journey in the pursuit of your inner wellbeing in the heart of Vair and its Roman Baths. Inspired by the ancient customs of the classical Roman baths in the nearby town of Egnathia including Calidarium, Tepidarium and Frigidarium.

SPIRT 120 (wandering without destination)

Immerse yourself in the depths of a silent temple among “tufo” walls caressed by flickering candles. This is Spirt 120. An evocative sensorial experience accompanied by a therapist who will guide you through a path of rare depth and poetry in the heart of the Roman Baths. A washing ritual on stone beds – just like in the classical Roman tradition – with purifying waters scented with fresh herbs, followed by a mud and ice massage for a soul-awakening journey from the past.
120 min/€ 235 per person – € 410 per couple


A poetic, purifying and regenerating guided experience which uses pools of different temperatures, biosauna and scrub with pure Mediterranean sea salt to lift your spirit and calm your mind.
80 min/€ 125 per person


An introductory itinerary in the heart of Vair, alternating warm and cold water in order to rediscover your vital energy. A perfect preamble to prepare yourself for other treatments.
50 min/€ 65 per person

AQUANN (when)

Gravity is suspended. Get ready to reach the highest dimension of lightness, losing perception of your body’s weight in this high salinity floatation tank. The sensation is that of total abandonment to the water, combined with sounds that recreate the muffled and protective world of the womb. Total relaxation. A rebirth.
25 min/€ 45 – 45 min/€ 65