Eliminate the old and welcome the new. Thanks to the rubbing of natural, granular ingredients such as Mediterranean pristine salts or sugar, your skin will result more radiant than ever, intensely softened, nourished and smoothened.

SALT (salty)

Pleasant scrub with pure sea salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Slow, accurate and pleasant, it increases the natural radiance of your skin.
70 min/€ 165

DOLC (sweet)

Sweet sensorial scrub using honey and sugar. Excellent results for the skin and inebriating perfume. For women only.
70 min/€ 165

A TUTTEVANN (everywhere)

Accurate scrub using pure sea salt, sugar, oils, fresh lemons and natural soap. Smooths every single part of the body.
70 min/€ 165

LEMAM (lemon)

Invigorating scrub using fresh lemons and local olive oil followed by the application of a cream made of fig milk. Nourishing for the body and suitable for normal skin.
50 min/€ 125

SCONFIDENZA (annoyance and boredom)

Soft scrub using flour and essential oils that increases happiness, order and calm while smoothing the skin.
50 min/€ 125