Borgo Egnazia




The sweet, melancholic sound of the violin and the steady rhythm of the tambourine console him, while his body releases its energy in a liberating dance.
A retreat for women to explore all aspects of their femininity and gain complete self-awareness. Five days to rediscover one’s own power as a woman, with a programme that unfolds day by day and embraces the tradition of tarantismo, an ancient Puglian ritual that involved the entire rural community. Dances and rituals in connection with one's deepest self, born from the need to free women from the venom of the tarantula. In the past, musicians would play the violin and tambourine around the woman stung by the spider, waiting for her to slowly move her body to the rhythm of their melodies.
Puglia and the female figure are central to this retreat, which combines sacred, profane, traditional music, ancient wisdom, and Mediterranean food culture. Under the guidance of Vair's expert therapists and the Master of Tradition, each woman will explore all five dimensions of life to achieve a complete sense of wellbeing. Treatments tailored to individual preferences revealed by Vair's aromatic test, classes and workshops to rediscover one’s most unusual and carefree side, and gourmet experiences designed for the female body's fundamental needs.
A personalised journey of rebirth that begins in the intimacy of one’s own room and progresses through moments of sharing on the notes of the pizzica and tarantella, culminating in a visceral, euphoric dance, to rediscover a renewed sense of wholeness that embraces every aspect of femininity.
Tarant. 5 days, includes:

4-night stay including breakfast with a tailor-made menu
Aroma Lab
2 movement classes (60 minute)
1 yoga session (60 minute)
3 personalized treatments (100 minute)
3 personalized treatments (70 minute)
2 workshops with the "Maestro della tradizione"
1 Beauty Backstage
4 dinners (beverages excluded)
3 lunches (beverages excluded)

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