Enchanting experiences of unconditional love and caring inspired by local, centuries-old techniques and traditional knowledge, which combine a variety of treatments with different intensity and location. They all enclose a fascinating story, capable of transmitting an emotional impact that you can treasure even after the experience.


U MOR (the sea) A massage performed as if you were in the sea. Waving. Slowing. Relaxing. It takes place using the typical timing of this element, in waves, one never like another, but all synchronized on the same fluctuating rhythm. 


The deep connection with Puglia is nested in the natural,wild-harvested ingredients, in the centuries-old techniques of comfortand relief and in the warmth of a simple touch.
A precious soothing art that aims to make happiness rise from within,like a delightful awakening.


ABBEL BEL (slowly) An invitation to breathe peacefully, synchronizing on a slow, calm pace, without haste, a bit like the Puglian lifestyle.


ANNASKÈ (smell) The sense of smell hides meanings which need to be discovered. Strong purification coupled with the power of pure essential oils in a journey of aromas a living to a peaceful relaxation.


Alternative forms of physical exercise strongly grounded in the Puglian territory. Different kinds of outdoor training set in a combination of coast and countryside landscapes. Plus a variety of vibrant experiences of liberating activities inspired by the ancient traditional dances from this region.


The care of your own image is a therapeutic art. From the smoothing of your feet to the love for your hands, all the treatments are personal experiences with a typical Puglian touch and feature all-natural products from our own territory such as lemon, fig milk, olive oil and Mediterranean salt.


A ravishing journey in the pursuit of your inner wellbeing in the heart of Vair and its Roman Baths. Inspired by the ancient customs of the classical Roman baths in the nearby town of Egnathia including Calidarium, Tepidarium and Frigidarium.


Eliminate the old and welcome the new. Thanks to the rubbing of natural, granular ingredients such as Mediterranean pristine salts or sugar, your skin will result more radiant than ever, intensely softened, nourished and smoothened.


Welcome to Vair.

Feel free to access the Spa in regular clothing or in your bathrobe. We kindly ask you to wear a bathrobe inside the SPA and outside the changing rooms. During your treatment, we kindly request that you use the disposable items available for you.

We recommend that you leave any valuables in your rooms or lockers available in the changing rooms. The Spa declines all responsibility for objects left unattended.
We kindly ask you to arrive a few minutes before the beginning of your treatment in order to enjoy the full session time.

Our Team is composed both of male and female therapists. It’s not possible to choose your specific therapist but we will try our best to satisfy your requests where possible.

Before your treatment please inform your therapist or the reception about any specific issues (e.g. pregnancy, allergies, blood pressure problems, recent surgeries, medication or pain and discomfort, etc.) or any other problems in order to best assist you. 
Use the Spa only if not contraindicated by your doctor and only if your health conditions are good enough to take advantage of the Spa experience.
Guests under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Spa. 
Please use a low tone of voice in order to encourage relaxation, yours and of other Spa guests.
The use of cellphones, tablets, cameras and computers is strictly forbidden inside the Spa.
We thank you in advance for leaving these items in the locker rooms.

It is possible to request private massages in your room or in the Villa. For further information, please contact the Vair reception.

Cancellations and rescheduling will be accepted up to 24 hours before the beginning of your  treatment. You will be charged the full amount for any cancellation made after this time.