Mind and body in perfect balance

Master Iyengar’s experience, wisely dispensed in form of morning pills by our Vair therapist-artists, will be the best way to gently awaken the muscles and prepare the body for the activities of the day.

Calm mind, psycho-physical balance, posture alignment, and Pranayama breath control techniques will be a great opportunity to experience your stay at Borgo Egnazia in the spirit of rebalancing the mind, and the body.


Group Fitwalking in the Puglian countryside

Fitwalking is a walking practice that goes beyond the simple act of walking. It is “the art of walking for physical fitness”, that is to say, making a sustained and energetic step, and observing a correct mechanic of movement. In fact, in local dialect, the name is translatable as an incitation to speed up the stride.

A simple technique suitable for everyone, with the goal of transforming walking into physical exercise.

The fitwalking is practiced open-air and in a group in the quiet streets of the Puglian countryside around the Borgo, adding in this way a beneficial community relevance to the healthy experience, thus favoring social interaction as well.


Stretching among the olive trees around the Borgo

Practicing stretching in the morning is a great elixir against body aging.

Suitable for all ages and individual differences in muscle tension and flexibility, this type of training helps reducing stress, rebalancing the natural psycho-physical tensions, for a better awareness of your body: both its potential and its limitations.

The local word Stinnt literally means to “lengthen”, and is in line with the English term stretching, intended as a form of physical extension. Thus, stretching benefits will be perceived by the body as much as by the mind.


Panoramic path between sea and countryside

Jogging is good from mind to body. Because it improves the mood, delays muscle aging and helps to keep weight under control, engaging the whole muscular system.

And in some cases, it stimulates the desire to run a marathon.

Especially when practiced in the morning before breakfast, and with consistency, a little healthy jogging will allow you to discover a pleasant path in the Puglian countryside, as well as in the wonderful setting of the Borgo.

Vair classes are available from March 1st to October 31th.
Reservation required by 15.00 of the previous day at Vair reception.
In case of no reservation, the class will not be confirmed.