U FLUSS – “The Flow”

Body Flow is an activity that can rebalance body and mind. Each movement is accompanied by a phase of the breath that creates a continuous “Flow”. It helps improve muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Moreover, the constant attention to breathing restores the connection between body and mind.


Group Fitwalking in the Puglian countryside

Fit walking class. Ideal for activating the metabolism and recovering health and physical well-being. A complete activity carried out in the open air, which develops joint mobility and muscle elasticity, and loads positive energy given by the contact with nature.

STINNT – “Stretch”

Stretching among the olive trees around the Borgo

Stretching class among the olive groves around Borgo Egnazia, created to increase the elasticity, flexibility and relaxation of the muscles. It helps reduce the stress, rebalancing the natural tensions.


Panoramic path between sea and countryside

Fit Jogging class. Full body training. The session includes high intensity exercises such as jogging and bodyweight, alternated with moments of active recovery like dynamic walk and a final stretching. The choice of the exercises, the number of repetitions, their duration, intensity are all variables that are modified according to the level of training and to the physical structure of everybody.

N’AMA STE – “We must stay, we must remain”

Iyengar Yoga Class

Restoring value to the present moment, to the “Here and Now”: this is the deepest meaning of the practice of yoga. A lesson in the reserved Iyengar studio of Vair dedicated to lovers of the discipline and to those who need to detox from the stress of everyday life. An extraordinary physical realignment completed with a sense of mental lightness.

AGGIOCAR – “Kidding”

Group Game Workout

A Group Game Workout class based on interaction, sharing and collaboration, using your body weight and that of others. Working in groups reinforces motivation and lowers the perception of fatigue.


SINT A ME – “Trust me”

Walk of Trust Class

A symbolic activity performed in couples to increase self-confidence and confidence in others. The “walk of trust” is a path in the dark during which the key is to learn to overcome obstacles together. Blindfolded, one at a time, you will be guided by your partner through body contact or voice, trying to overcome obstacles.