Enchanting experiences of unconditional love and caring inspired by local, centuries-old techniques and traditional knowledge, which combine a variety of treatments with different intensity and location.

They all enclose a fascinating story, capable of transmitting an emotional impact that you can treasure even after the experience.

AMAUR (love)

A gentle touch of the skin can be perceived as a caress for the mind in this embracing experience designed for a creative woman. A continuous pampering of the whole body is a form of profound devotion transmitted by the therapist who transforms the experience into an extremely exquisite sensation. Warm towels and a soft touch, in perfect synergy of natural oils and beauty rituals for a complete, graceful abandonment. Ideal for winding down, falling in love with yourself and being open to life.
110 min/€ 240

ALLA SEKRDOM (all of a sudden)

Free your strength and thoughts. An intense experience meant to realign the masculine part in you with sudden and unpredictable movements. Created for a young and brilliant man, it consists of agile gestures performed to surprise and aims to place attention on your body, reinforce your strength, and stimulate intuition.
110 min/€ 240

PARAVEIS (paradise)

Two lovers. Two sisters. Two souls linked by a special bond. This experience is pleasantly enjoyable on your own, but it becomes utterly amazing shared with the person you love. A moment of engaging relaxation, which takes place in the intimacy of the Spa Suite, an evocative space specially created to surround yourself with love and peacefulness. Waters of various temperatures, steam bath session, private personalized outdoor baths and a double massage, which creates a unique flow of energy between the two souls. An atmosphere of wellbeing will cuddle and caress you.
110 min/€ 640