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Spa Day

A day of purification to dedicate to yourself in the wonderful ambience of Vair.

Spa Day

A day of puri cation to dedicate to yourself in the wonderful ambience of Vair. A flow of deep energies resulting from a synergistic combination of massages, treatments, classes and experiences rooted in the traditions of the land of Puglia.
CALM (Calm) / 310 € per person - 590 € per couple

Roman thermal baths/50'
Suggestive itinerary wandering around in the Tepidarium, Calidarium, Frigidarium.
Flotation Tank/25'
High salinity flotation tank where you lose the perception of your body’s weight in order to reach the highest state of lightness.
Relaxing massage with a delicate touch, inspired by serenity, depth and tranquility.
Personalized mini facial treatment.
Sea salt exfoliation with essential oils.
APPOST (Alright) / 280 € per person - 530 € per couple

Muvt 60'
Personalized training session with personal trainer.
Personalized massage based on the needs expressed by your body. Executed with profound manual skills that mainly involve the muscular area.
Infrared Sauna/25'
Dry heat bath inside the infrared cabin that can give an immediate feeling of wellbeing.
BELLEZZ (Beauty) / 320 € per person

Sea salt exfoliation with the application of almond essential oil.
Modeling and energizing massage on legs, core and glutes for an intense revitalization of the body thanks to the properties of prickly pear oil.
Illuminating personalised mini facial treatment.
Vair Manicure ritual/50'
Handcrafted manicure with ling and nail polish application.
Vair Pedicure ritual/50'
Handcrafted pedicure with ling and nail polish application.

- 20% discount on all Vair retail products
LEGGIR (Light) / 230 € per person - 430 € per couple

Roman Thermal Baths/50'
Poetic path in the silent heart of Vair guided between warm and cold waters to recover your vital energy.
Illuminating personalised, mini facial treatment.
Medium intensity massage dedicated to ancient local healers and inspired by the land of Puglia.

Payment Terms, Cancellation Policy and Conditions of the Offer
The wellbeing program rate is to be added to the accommodation rate, according to the BAR rates available at the time of booking. Cancellation policy and payment details for the wellbeing programs and eventual full board meal plan will follow the same conditions of cancellation policy and payment details of the accommodation rates.

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